Welead: a Growing Community of Shared Learning

As the Welead community is rapidly growing, we want to acknowledge all our members and their commitment to the creation of an inspiring, dynamic, meaningful coaching landscape.

We founded Welead with the intention to create a space for engaged, enthusiastic coaches with a lifelong-learning mindset to contribute with their expertise, reflections and discoveries to the growth of our community at a professional and human level.

Thanks to all our coaches:

  • Welead’s presence worldwide is growing steadily and is now established in more that 50 locations,
  • With a team of 70+ highly certified coaches,
  • Working in 20 different languages.
  • Our clients’ base is currently including some of the most prominent multinational companies, such as L’Oreal, Pernod Ricard, Cartier, Natixis, Egis, Ey, Colgate Palmolive…
  • Thanks to our web campaign, we also acquired two major clients, one in France and one in the US.

To all our clients we proudly offer the expertise of highly talented executive coaches, who support leaders and their teams with a unique mix of local solutions and global perspective. Our aim is to guide them towards new ways of leadership, continually innovating and upgrading our coaching practice as the challenges become more complex and new tools and resources are needed.

To this end we published L’Intelligence situationelle, Make the right choices and L’art e la pratique du coaching professionnel (this last will be available starting October 21st, 2019).



What makes Welead different is that we don’t want to be “just a platform”, we aim at sharing our practices in order to leverage our multiple intelligences. We are convinced that each one of our members can bring unique value and can contribute to the creation of a strong community.

That’s why we decided to organize these gatherings, in person or video call, to encourage and make possible for our coaches to meet in person, fostering an exchange of human experiences, as well as the sharing of tools and professional practices all across the world, in an atmosphere of cross-fertilization. This year, the Welead team met twice, both in the Us and in Europe, and is going to meet virtually on December 3rd and 12th with a video conference focusing on competencies modeling in coaching.

During the New York meeting, held on May 7th, we explored:

  1. The impact of coaching on companies’ structures and performances. We saw how the presence of a coaching culture and the access to the coaching process at all levels – from employees to leaders, both at the individual and collective level, by internal and external coaching practitioners – concretely
  • Creates high-functioning and high-performing work environments
  • Increases peoples’ satisfaction and fulfillment by promoting a conscious talents’ allocation
  • Enhances the employees’ engagement and makes the companies agile, inclusive and resourceful, facilitating adaptation to change and making it sustainable in the long-term.
  1. The process of Co-development, an approach for people who believe they can learn from each other through a structured, facilitated process supporting reflection and individual commitment, while encouraging collaboration and collective learning within a safe, non-judgmental space.

We saw how this open-sharing process based on the principle of Collective Intelligence

  • Increases self-awareness
  • Reduces the loneliness and stress of exposed decision-makers
  • Helps dealing with complexity
  • Enhances trust
  • Trains us to listen and be inclusive and open to different points of view.

During the October 1st Paris Meeting, we ventured into the realm of Paradoxes.

As Welead deals with a worldwide clientele and many different cultures, responding to the needs of globally spread organizations, an approach of integration and synergy seemed mandatory for a sustainable leadership model:

  • Going from “Either/Or” to “Both/And”, integrating two apparently opposite statements, allows for new leadership behaviors able to deal with contradictory messages, thus leading to an abundance and variety of resources, necessary to navigate an ever-changing, increasingly layered, in-transformation work environment.
  • Using the tools provided by the Paradox Theory and the Harrison Assessment, we can provide managers and decision makers with a model of leadership that is at the same time flexible AND authentic.

With these systems, Welead helps leaders to move from exclusion to inclusion, to gain agility in complexity and ambiguity, and to learn that through this synergetic integration, multiple truths can be held simultaneously.

As Welead brings forward its quest for new, effective, sustainable models of leadership, we receive over and over an invitation towards openness, collaboration and the creation of a kind, non-judgmental space where collective intelligence can thrive and learning and growth can flourish – and that’s what we want Welead to be for all our members.

Our hope is to offer to our coaches the room for their unique contribution and together continue our journey towards innovative, higher levels of excellence in coaching

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