6. Your first 100 days

at Executive Committee (ExCo) level

How to manage successfully an onboarding in a challenging ExCo

Manfred was nominated at the ExCo (Executive Committee) as General Counselor in an international bank. He was also been asked to represent the Legal Department in some other governance bodies where he would have to deal with the CEO of the group. This was a big step for him: it was the first time he reached that level in an ExCo. It made him very visible and faced him with the challenge to manage ex-colleagues, who were now direct reports.

His challenge was to be able to quickly understand the new “codes” and to deal with this new position by remaining true to himself and keeping good relationships with his ex colleagues.

The first 100 days in a new Executive Committee or Board are always a delicate moment, where coaching sessions are essential to overcome the loneliness, even when one already knows what it is like to be part of an ExCo. Many things are at stake at the same time, such as improved decoding of the new environment’s weak signals, as well as identifying the key stakes and drivers of other members and strategic influencers. Coaching sessions aimed at supporting Manfred’s focus on:

  • Positioning himself in the right manner and with situational intelligence
  • Combining observations and assertiveness during the meetings
  • Creating trustful relationships and alliances with the ExCo members
  • Identifying short term potential impact
  • Building his own team to get technical support on key topics and install his own credibility at all levels
  • Taking care of himself to activate intuition and emotional intelligence, as well as cognitive and political intelligence