5. Setting

vision and strategy and communicate as a leader

How to set a strategic vision and convince the President and the board to sustain it

Sabine is the newly appointed CEO of an international industrial group’s subsidiary. Her mission is to define a new strategy for her Business Unit and transform it into a profitable and growing business.

In the first place, Sabine needed to align enough stakeholders behind her to sustain the project of a new activity. Secondly, she needed to build a strong business case to convince the President and his Board to invest in a new line of products. Thirdly, she had to make the change happen and accompany the transformation by recruiting new talents and training/coaching her current management team.

As in any strategic coaching with leaders, the work with Sabine was focused on building her strategic vision and reinforcing her legitimacy and credibility through effective communication at board level. In the first coaching sessions, she explored the President’s and board’s stakes, and identified the most powerful arguments to convince him and his board (such as market potential and additional revenues for the group, cash generation versus investments needed and risk taken, corporate social responsibility components, …).

Coaching helped Sabine to identify and mobilize a group of internal responsive opinion leaders who would be able to sustain her new strategic orientation and provide her with meaningful experimentations to build her business case. She also used  the sessions to find the best way to negotiate the group’s financial support and a reasonable time frame for her projects.

Having achieved her goal, she started a second coaching phase to accompany her in the implementation and  transformation of the organization.

Sabines testimonial: “… The coach’s key competence was to combine strategic vision and operational application. The coaching sessions helped me to develop my emotional and situational intelligence, a clear success driver in this context.