3. Managing

stress and work-life balance

How to travel globally and stay healthy in order to manage with impact

John, an executive in a global consumer goods organization, is in charge of a large zone including Europe and Africa. Since he travels more than 100 days per year, he needs to adjust to different time zones, food habits and local ways of working.

During his travels, John has a very tight schedule, including breakfast and dinner meetings. He needs to manage his own energy in order to accomplish multiple tasks and manage his local teams with clear and pertinent directions. As a matter of fact, his teams meet with him in person only once or twice a year.

During the coaching sessions, the coach first assessed a typical travelling day agenda in order to find time for short and powerful moments of recovery: micro naps, short walks, breathing exercises and mindfulness sessions. Then, John and the coach made a list of food and drinks to avoid. Finally, John decided to have long daily walks with his wife when he worked in his home location, as well as weekly empty slots in his agenda in order to step back and have the time to think about medium-long term strategies.

After a few sessions, John was feeling much more energy during his travels, which impacted his executive presence during the meetings with his local teams.