20 years experience at your service

We are trusted partners for global leaders, with a strong expertise in business coaching

Our added value

We are a team of passionate coaches with extensive experience in business and in coaching. We have a strong track record of coaching for Leaders at international level. We are successful in solving complex situations and our personal style and maturity triggers participants’ energy.
We spread the coaching culture and its ethics around the world through our accredited coaching school and our role as assessors at the International Coach Federation.
We act as Trusted Partners and Advisors to allow our clients to find the customized coaching solutions for their leaders around the world by:

  • gathering an extended network of trusted partners all around the world
  • guarantying high professional standards, rigor, ethic and strong intercultural skills
  • selecting experienced professionals, able to coach and facilitate in their native language, in English, and most in a third language
  • providing a framework and proven processes to allow the coached leaders to reach their objectives and develop themselves, as well as their teams and their company, and deliver results
  • measuring coaching impact and effect for leaders and their environment

Criteria to join the network​

1. Experience

  • executive level experience 
  • experience of 10 years and more as an executive coach
  • high level of coaching certification (International Coach Federation or other)

2. Personality

  • genuine integrity, high trustworthiness and reliability
  • capacity to question oneself
  • good energy in what they do
  • keen to improve continuously
  • humble and lifelong learners

3. Competencies

  • ability to adapt to the culture of the companies they work with
  • ability to understand the issues of high-level executives
  • ability to understand other cultures – fluent in at least two languages and demonstrate professional experience abroad and with people of diverse cultures
  • ability to listen without judgment, and to challenge ideas or behaviors
  • accept and respect ICF, AC, EMCC ethics charts

Our sustainable quality​

Since the quality of our coaches’ work is paramount for us, we are actively engaged in nurturing them with:

  • supervision and support
  • coaching frameworks and tools
  • regular reporting and assignments follow up
  • updates about trends and techniques relevant for the coaching industry

We have them sign the WeLead charter of quality and the International Coach Federation code of ethics.