Our vision

Welead is a consulting and coaching company present in multiple locations around the world (Paris, New York, Milan). We have been working for more than 20 years with leaders and top executives in order to help them to turn their mission and strategy into action by:

  • Mobilizing organizations and teams
  • Developing people’s talents and resources
  • Promoting team spirit, cohesion and coherence
  • Supporting international development
  • Fostering sustainable development, bringing together internal and external stakeholders with leaders, managers and human resources
  • Realizing deep organizational transformations, helping key leaders increase their presence, energy, trust and awareness

As citizens of the world with a strong worldwide presence and cultural awareness, we bring to our clients a unique combination of adapted local solutions with a global perspective and a strong innovation drive.

Our background

Being experienced entrepreneurs, we partner with our C-suite clients with a common mindset: to achieve ambitious results in a challenging and highly competitive environment. We have an innovative and tailor-made approach aiming at bringing our unique added value to the client with the most impactful and timely solution. We provide the best customized professional services in any location needed by our clients.

For more than 15 years, we have been running a coaching school with multiple locations (Paris, Lisbon, New York, Shanghai, Singapore,… ): the Activision Coaching Institute, accredited by the International Coach Federation. It has been awarded the first and most important school in Portugal and recognized as the best training by more than 150 HR Directors of a worldwide leading company.

We are also adjunct Professors of Leadership at H.E.C Paris (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), first-ranked business school by the Financial Times, with a strong research background in Leadership and Change Management.

We are authors of the book “Make the right Choices” published in English, French and Italian in 2016; and “Situational Intelligence” published in France in 2017, as well as more than 60 articles regularly published in multiple languages on social networks and blogs.

Our Book

Dans le monde professionnel, qui n’a jamais fait face à une situation de management apparemment problématique, voire sans recours ? Riches de leurs recherches et travaux, les auteurs vous donnent les clés du développement de l’intelligence situationnelle à travers l’analyse de 50 situations de management (motiver une équipe, réorganiser une structure, faire confiance, etc.) en lien avec 67 fiches apportant différents éclairages théoriques pour mieux les comprendre.

Our Book

«Combining philosophical reflections and psychological research, storytelling and practical tips, Make the Right Choices is a blueprint for a happier and more fulfilling life. The first right choice I recommend making is reading this book!»

TAL BEN SHAHAR, positive psychology expert and bestsellers author.